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History of Concord Hills

The area around Concord Hills was first named Campbell Station for an 1810 station that still stands on the corner of Kingston Pike and Campbell Station. The town of Farragut was incorporated in 1980 and is named for the first Admiral of the US Navy: David Glasgow Farragut. Admiral Farragut was born in 1801 southeast of the Farragut area near Concord. Concord is a small town dating back to 1854. However,  Farragut along with Knoxville are the only two incorporated municipal entities in Knox County. The second Governor of Tennessee- Archibald Roane is buried in the Pleasant Forest Cemetery just outside the entrance to the subdivision. The area near Farragut was the site of the 1863 Civil War Battle of Campbell Station. The painting of the battle hanging in the Farragut Folk life museum in the town hall has a vantage point that appears to be near the entrance to what is now Concord Hills. The Birmingham/ Knoxville Coach line ran through the northern edges of the subdivision. More recently Farragut High was first built on the South east corner of Kingston Pike and Concord Rd where a shopping complex is now. The new high school located to its current site north of Kingston Pike in 1976.


Concord Hills was one of the early subdivisions in Farragut starting in 1973 shortly after the advent of Village Green and Fox Den.  The first units were near the entrance and the subdivision developed up and over the hill on land that was the Shriver Farm.  Oliver Smith was the original developer and donated the land the recreation complex sits on.

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