Concord Hills Homeowners Association Dues Information

  • Dues for Units 1-9 are $450 ($490 for Unit 10 – Hampton Roads Dr, Lookout Pt, Commodore Ln) for the fiscal year (October – September).  For new closings, $450 ($490 for Unit 10) minus what the seller has already paid for that fiscal year is due to CHHA at closing.  The CHHA does not prorate dues for the buyer or seller.
  • The total amount of the above must be paid for the FY, less any amount already paid by the current owner for base HOA dues plus amenity usage fees.  They can be prorated as desired. These dues for the new owner are mandatory and include amenity (pool, tennis) usage.
  • Dues should be mailed to “Concord Hills Homeowners Association, PO Box 22027, Knoxville, TN 37933” or paid online by PayPal or credit card.
  • Dues are for an October through September fiscal year.
  • Dues are collected in the first calendar quarter for that year (e.g., Feb 2017 collection for 2017 dues covering Oct 2016 through September 2017).
  • Dues are mandatory for all new residents.
  • To verify what, if any, dues have been paid for the year, send an email to providing the current resident name or street address, and new buyer name.

Signage for Open Houses

  • Open House signage should be placed on the South end of the entrance, along the right side as you drive into the neighborhood.
  • Please refrain from placing signs in the median entrance to the neighborhood

Concord Hills Homeowners Association By-Laws, Covenants & Restrictions